Executive Path Inc


Executive Path can sponsor and facilitate independent research projects in order to further knowledge for the public interest.

Non-Profit Scientific

Research Corporation

501(c)(3)  509(a)(2)

OUR research Benefits Communities, companies and working people 

A rapidly changing world demands an entirely re-imagined workforce capable  of meeting the demands of new the economy.




Independent Research Sponsor

A recognized need

"The rise in non-traditional employment calls for a new infrastructure, strategy, and attitude for workers, companies, and communities"

Jeremy Neuner, Author
Rise of the Naked Economy

The vast changes taking place in the technology sector is causing disruptions throughout the economy and a fundamental re-imagining of how people work and live. Executive Path Inc conducts scientific research to gain a deeper understanding of the changing work environment with the goal of using that data to create new infrastructure, strategy, and attitudes for workers, companies and communities. Our research is always made free and available for the public benefit.